In Praise of Puerto Rico Flowers

Stopped over at Sharkey’s place last night (wel­come to the ‘hood, guy!) to pick up his new album under the Puer­to Rico Flow­ers moniker, “7.” This is just what I need­ed right now. And I know lots of peo­ple play the Joy Divi­sion card here, but I think Marc Mas­ters nailed it with the Depeche Mode nod. And I can’t be the only one who thinks this could go very PiL if the mood struck, right?

Also, can I just say how hard it is for me to get out of the house now that I’m a dad? Hats off to Sharkey and his fam­i­ly for knock­ing out actu­al art while rais­ing a beau­ti­ful baby boy. Congrats!

Oh, how about a Neil Young cov­er for good mea­sure. God, this is just such an amaz­ing tune to cover.

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