Making Tech Resolutions for 2012

Didn’t fol­low through on any of my res­o­lu­tions last year. Those CDs? Still in boxes or in the rack that dom­i­nates a full wall in our walk-in closet. New goal? Get them out of the house by the end of Jan­u­ary. DVDs, too. I’m going to go wild with Hand­brake and get all the Cri­te­rion Col­lec­tion titles I never get around to watch­ing onto the new iMac I plan on buy­ing first thing next year.

Upgrad­ing the home stereo, too. Thanks to the Wire­cut­ter, we’re going all in with a Pio­neer VSX 1021. I can’t wait to take advan­tage of Air­play like never before and finally get some good use out of my beau­ti­ful Axiom Audio speak­ers I bought back when. Can’t wait!

Impor­tantly, I need to unplug more. It’s one thing to stream music through the home and another to be glued to my iPhone. Need to cut down on that and spend more time away from glow­ing screens and non­stop news­feeds. I’m an info junkie through and through, but I need to give my eyes a break and make time for other things.

What are your per­sonal tech res­o­lu­tions for 2012? Any big pur­chases on the hori­zon? Ser­vices you’re plan­ning on optimizing?

Taking Ripfest to the Next Level

You know what makes this blog great? It’s always remind­ing me of my short­com­ings. No, not that I post once a month; that I post res­o­lu­tions every year and never ful­fill them.

This year I planned on rip­ping all my CDs to my Mac­Book. Didn’t hap­pen. It’s tedious, there’s never time, the litany of excuses goes on and on. That changes next year.

Why? Because if we’re plan­ning on buy­ing a new home in 2013, I need to shrink my por­tion of dig­i­tal goods con­sid­er­ably. There’s no excuse to not have every­thing loaded onto a com­puter that can be accessed via home shar­ing. Flip­ping con­tent from com­puter to other devices in the home is really awe­some and I’m finally see­ing that potential.

What does it mean? I need an iMac. While every­one is going smaller — whether that’s iPads or Mac­Book Airs — I’m real­iz­ing that I need a machine that can com­fort­ably store all the CDs and DVDs I own locally that I can then access on mobile devices. My Mac­Book just won’t cut it. I want some­thing that can whirr qui­etly upstairs and be the clas­sic home com­puter. I think iMac fits the bill.

Wish me luck in 2012 in get­ting our dig­i­tal life together! (Do peo­ple still even buy used CDs and DVDs?)