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Visit Cincinnati

Got shirts for the boys at @homage #payhomage #legendsneverdie

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What a spectacular town! Since we moved to Detroit, I’ve been looking forward to exploring more of the Midwest. We got a bit of a preview of what to expect this summer when we followed the Erie canal on our trip to Cape Cod, stopping in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. These once proud cities still have a lot to crow about: because they were built around shipping, they’re all on the water and what’s left of the original housing stock and downtown architecture is typically stunning.

Cincinnati is no exception. While I was in town for the USTA Midwest Semi-Annual meeting, I got a chance to explore a bit. There’s a beautiful waterfront park beneath the iconic Roebling Bridge. The downtown is bustling and walkable. I took the advice of a friend who grew up here and walked over to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, which feels quite a bit like Old City in Philadelphia, with lots of cute shops and restaurants. It’s where I picked up the shirts for the boys and tried this delicious ice cream cone from Graeter’s.

Peanut butter chocolate chip.

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I even walked to Kentucky! Check the box on another state I never thought I’d visit!

Walked to Kentucky!

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