My First Indie Rock Album

Lest you think I’m a total wee­nie for admit­ting that I liked some maudlin tunes, my first indie rock album was Codeine’s The White Birch. I bought it at Repo Records after run­ning two miles from Haver­ford Col­lege in the mid­dle of a track meet. I ran four miles round trip to buy a Sub Pop album. You don’t know how easy you have it today!

That album led me to write the band. Would you believe they wrote me back and told me to check out Gas­tr del Sol? That’s how my life­long addic­tion to music began.

My first indie rock LP? That’s easy. Bought Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s Orange at Young Ones in Kutz­town. I didn’t even have a prop­er turntable at the time! Fell in love with this record so much. Still can’t get enough of it.