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Dressing Well for the World Wide Web

2012 was a monumental year for me, both personally and professionally. One of the things that was transformative for me was learning to dress well after several false starts. If you know me, you know I came from a world of rock tees and torn jeans. Like many guys, the transition to work wear was painful. I struggled with ill-fitting business casual, wore bad shoes and only got it right if I picked the wardrobe out with help from my wife. Jesse Thorn’s Put This On changed all of that for me in 2012.

I don’t remember when exactly I started watching and following Put This On. I devoured Season 1 and have been following Season 2 with great interest. I even bought a Savile Row suit on eBay and had it tailored for me! Quite a leap for a guy who used to wear a torn (and awesome) Sonic Youth “Sister” tee to the office on a routine basis.

Needless to say, the series changed the way I viewed menswear. The message that clothes are important never sank in until I started to see that you didn’t need to spend a fortune to present yourself in a manner that makes you stand out. Just knowing how shirts, pants and jackets should fit goes a long way toward looking better and project confidence. The best part? I already had lots of great pieces hanging in my closet! You may, too.

As my college buddy Tom told me once, “There’s no such thing as being overdressed; there’s only looking good.” It was great advice, and I’m sorry I waited so long to take it. Please take this advice: if you’re a guy who wants to improve his wardrobe and doesn’t know where to begin, please visit, watch all the videos and read it every day. You’ll be glad you did.