The Commodore 64

My post this morn­ing about the Com­modore Vic 20 got me think­ing about how much fun I had with my sec­ond com­put­er, the Com­modore 64, which I’ve rhap­sodized before.

One of the games I remem­ber fond­ly is B.C.‘s Quest for Tires. As I may have men­tioned, all of my games were pirat­ed by one of my dad’s co-work­er’s kids, so they weren’t marked on the flop­py. I had to mem­o­rize the file paths of my favorite games. This was one I could­n’t remem­ber. Damn, it was so much fun to play! Need to find a copy on the emu­la­tor, stat!

What Are Your Favorite iPhone Games?

Man, I loved me some Com­modore 64 as a kid. Hell, we had a Vic 20 before that, but the games were prim­i­tive! To be entire­ly hon­est, I was pret­ty much only play­ing edu­ca­tion­al games when we had that, so maybe I’d have fonder mem­o­ries if I was­n’t play­ing word games on it.

I remem­ber ask­ing to “play com­put­er” on rainy days grow­ing up, and when I did, I’d haul ass upstairs to play games like Bruce Lee. Now I’m play­ing on my iPhone and the mag­ic’s gone. The inter­face makes it near­ly impos­si­ble to car­ry out the repet­i­tive moves that once made this game so much fun. What went wrong?

I’m reach­ing out to you to find out your favorite iPhone games. Sure, nos­tal­gia let me down once, but I’d love to check out old Nin­ten­do games like Super Mario, or the weird stuff I could­n’t afford like Neo Geo games and so on. Share your favorites in the comments.