In Love with Louie

Biggest sur­prise of the sum­mer for this blog­ger? It’s “Louie,” hands down.

Marked improve­ment over “Lucky Louise,” his short-lived show on HBO, which last­ed just a sea­son. His raw standup and wry wit were per­fect­ly blend­ed into a more coher­ent nar­ra­tive detail­ing his dai­ly drag. Love when a come­di­an takes on the big issues, makes fun­ny obser­va­tions, but does­n’t lec­ture the audi­ence. If you missed “Louie” this year, you real­ly missed out.

I Want to Like Kenny Powers

But I can’t help but feel like it’s a base­ball-cen­tric Entourage, with John­ny Dra­ma in the lead role.

Hav­ing said that, I enjoyed East­bound and Down this morn­ing. Stayed up way too late watch­ing TV last night. Mad Men, Board­walk Empire and East­bound and Down in one night? How am I sup­posed to catch up on Bored to Death? Do peo­ple still watch that? Or is that borne of an Ander­son guilt com­plex in me, where­by I real­ly want to like any­thing that reads as an homage to Truffaut?

Also, can some­one explain to me why the Board­walk Empire intro is like Dead­liest Catch, but with bot­tles instead of crabs?

In Praise of Boardwalk Empire

If this show is the clos­est we ever get to an actu­al con­clu­sion to Dead­wood, I’ll take it. I’ve watched the pilot episode three times!

One knock: could they at least pre­tend to know how a Philadel­phi­an talks? Busce­mi will do Busce­mi, but no one in the cast sounds like they’re from Philly at all. Did­n’t “The Wire” teach any­one the impor­tance of local dialect?

Last Call for Zane Lamprey’s Three Sheets?

I knew things weren’t good when I first caught a glimpse of Zane Lam­prey in a Sub­way com­mer­cial. When I start­ed fol­low­ing Lam­prey on Face­book, I saw that he was work­ing on a new project, but his oth­er show, Three Sheets, has got­ten a stay of exe­cu­tion. Then I read this post over on his site. This tweet did lit­tle to con­vince me that Mark Cuban was des­tined to save Three Sheets.

Is Zane Lam­prey cursed? Should the title of this post real­ly be “How Zane Lam­prey Sank Two Net­works?” Think of the SEO!

Now, I get why Trav­el Chan­nel balked. They have Antho­ny Bour­dain’s show, No Reser­va­tions, which fea­tures him doing much the same thing, with more culi­nary insight and less self-aware­ness. Peo­ple like that. He’s macho. He knows famous peo­ple. Win, right? Who could be both­ered with the wild­ly relat­able Lam­prey who seems to make friends eas­i­ly wher­ev­er he goes.

I still don’t remem­ber how we dis­cov­ered “Three Sheets.” My guess is that Helen hap­pened to find it while chan­nel surf­ing, or a friend told us we should tune in. The show was great. Even if you don’t care about booze, who would­n’t enjoy on-screen tal­ent will­ing to debase him­self in ways even the Three Stooges would refuse?

Whether he was at home or abroad, Zane got him­self into all the best kinds of trou­ble. Any­one who’s ever got­ten drunk over­seas knows how it feels to wake up the next morn­ing and hop on a plane, impos­si­bly hun­gover. It’s hell, yet Zane sub­ject­ed him­self to such tor­ture glee­ful­ly. I some­times found myself real­ly root­ing for the booze to defeat him, but like the Wash­ing­ton Gen­er­als, it nev­er won.

I hope Zane isn’t exiled to Cuban’s HDNet. Where does any­one watch that? I’m real­ly sor­ry we missed him when he blew through town last June. Hope­ful­ly he’ll find a munif­i­cent home for “Three Sheets” before he’s back through.