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In Praise of Local Coffee


What’s your favorite locally-roasted bean? I’ve tried three recently myself: old favorite La Colombe as well as new jacks Green Street and ReAnimator. Is it blasphemy to say I prefer La Colombe?

It may be my personal preference, but no matter how much coffee I brew, I just find that La Colombe has a better, rounder flavor than the others.

Am I missing something? Are their local beans that blow your socks off? Drop me a line in the comments.

In Praise of Dock Street Brewing Co.

Ah, spring. It’s so nice to be outside again. Nothing quite like running Charlie ragged in some nice parks. Thing about nice parks in Philadelphia is that most of them are in West Philly. Helen and I may be riverward  chauvinists, but, man, I wish Penn Treaty Park were as nice as Clark Park.

You know what else the riverwards don’t have? A brewery and pizza spot like Dock Street Brewing Co. Went with Mark and Erin before a Party Photographers’ show at Younglove’s last winter, but had no idea how great it was for lunch. Bought two pies — Flammenkuchen and Florentine — and got a growler of their Summer Session to go. Can’t beat it!

Helen, who tends to hate brewpubs because the food is often oh so bad, really loved it. Win-win! Beats having to convince her to haul out to Iron Hill or Victory for lunch and we can stroll down to Clark Park afterward.

Maybe we’ll be West Philly people yet…

In Praise of Iron Hill Brewery

Going to a great brewery and restaurant is better when your baby isn’t peeing through his diapers. What a difference a year makes, right?

Picked up a growler of Iron Hill’s Biere Noir out in West Chester yesterday. Had a few glasses last night. Delicious! Can’t wait to get back for a refill.

Married Dudes Drink Four Loko, Live to Tell Tale

Wasn’t the greatest idea we’ve ever had, but we made the best of it. Feel like I finally recovered from Saturday night. It was the last bachelor party of our clan, so it seemed worth it at the time. Not so sure that we would’ve jumped out of the 2nd floor balcony onto a pile of mattresses on the living room floor otherwise.

How Much Can You French Press?

French press coffee is as much a part of my morning ritual as “Thomas the Tank Engine.” I’ve watched several videos to help me hone my skills and Jasper here has really done the trick, especially with the temperature of the water and the timing. I feel pretty confident about my coffee to water ratio these days.

I’m drinking a delicious, oily cup of coffee right now. Love it!