Rip It Up And Start Again

I’m adding one more dig­i­tal res­o­lu­tion. I need to learn Word­Press next year, and not just the nuts and bolts. I’m talk­ing bells and whis­tles too. I sug­gest­ed this a bit with the whole ‘make this blog a sand­box’ item, but I think it needs to go fur­ther. I need to start sim­ple and work my way up, learn­ing more as I go. To that end, I’m going to not only repur­pose Black­mail Is My Life as I see fit, I’m going to start work on postschaden­freude, a new blog offer­ing thoughts and com­men­tary on music and the indus­try that’s bring­ing it down.

How does that sound? You can fol­low the postschaden­freude tum­blr here.