In Praise of the Pork Road

One of the many high­lights of our trip to Puer­to Rico was our excur­sion to the sto­ried Pork Road. For­give the hor­ri­ble pic­ture, but it’s a whole pig roast­ing on a spit.

The Pork Road winds up a hill with pork pur­vey­ors lin­ing both sides. We hit two lechonaras and ate all sorts of porky good­ness: blood sausage, stom­ach, skin, ears and suc­cu­lent pork!

Best part? Not a tourist trap! It remind­ed me of Gilbertsville farm­ers’ mar­ket Zern’s in its heyday.

In Praise of Culebra

Can­not stop think­ing about our trip to Cule­bra. Tak­ing the fer­ry there was like tak­ing a vaca­tion from vaca­tion. Prob­a­bly the most remote, beau­ti­ful place I’ve ever been. Hard to believe that I was on gor­geous Fla­men­co Beach just 8 days ago.

Cule­bra is mag­i­cal. Home to beau­ti­ful beach­es, the island tran­scends your typ­i­cal beach des­ti­na­tion. Nev­er have I felt so relaxed and free of typ­i­cal tourist trou­bles. Can’t wait to return next January.

What a fun trop­i­cal get­away in the mid­dle of win­ter! Char­lie and Helen loved it, too. Ask Char­lie about his “igua­na hunts” next time you see him!