A Cleanr Look

If you’re one of the dear souls who sub­scribes to this under­used blog you already know how I’ve ago­nized over a suit­able theme. The search may final­ly be over. I think I’ve final­ly found a winner!

I chose Cleanr. It’s a straight­for­ward theme that fits my strict aes­thet­ic needs. I’m in love with the right rail, too! There you’ll find my Twit­ter updates, Flickr pho­tos, and Google Read­er shared items. I think it’s the best inte­gra­tion I’ve found yet. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about that space is that it’s prone to clutter.

I’m look­ing to add a Last.fm cov­er­flow wid­get to share the albums I’m check­ing out on Lala.com. If you can rec­om­mend one with a lay­out sim­i­lar to the Flickr wid­get, let me know!

On a part­ing note, I need to say that Word­Press has real­ly made it easy to update and change themes and wid­gets. I’m a total noob, yet I felt very com­fort­able try­ing things out in the new dash­board envi­ron­ment. It’s amazing!

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