How to Reboot Your Personal Blog

Why don’t I take my own advice? I should’ve nev­er stopped writ­ing in the first place. Why don’t I take Anil Dash’s advice? He’s right!

Well, here I am, back at Ram­say­ings, won­der­ing where anoth­er year went. I con­stant­ly miss writ­ing and yet nev­er seem to find the words to say or the time to type them. It’s sil­ly, real­ly. The onus­es of per­son­al brand­ing and thought lead­er­ship can real­ly do a num­ber on you if you let them, which is maybe what hap­pened, but who can say. In any case, I’m back!

I may not have been writ­ing, but I have been tak­ing notes. I have thoughts on where my musi­cal taste evolved this year as I real­ly learned to embrace the new class of jam bands sweep­ing indie. I embraced my Mid­west­er­ness and drove the kids from Detroit to Flori­da in my first ever hon­est to god road­trip. I have some reflec­tions on my career jour­ney, too.

The trick now is to map those out in a steady diet. One a day. We’ll see if I can main­tain it for a week, then a month and so on. I know per­son­al blogs have died and yet so many of us who were there at the dawn of per­son­al blog­ging yearn for their return. I’ll try to keep up my end of the bar­gain this time.

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