Pardon My Dust

Sor­ry I’ve been away so long, but I’ve been kept very busy late­ly with my new son, Charles. I’m pleased to report that he’s a healthy, hap­py lit­tle boy.

I’m going to be tidy­ing up around here to reflect some of my new ideas about how this blog ought to look and what I’d like to share here. Hope­ful­ly I’ll be able to tweak the site a bit this week­end, adding my Twit­ter, Flickr, and Deli­cious pro­files to the right rail. 

This place could stand to be a lit­tle more social, could­n’t it? Well, look for me to add some fea­tures that let you decide how you want to stay abreast of updates on Kens­ing­ton Blues.

(I’m scrib­bling this post on my iPhone. It’s been my go-to device ever since Char­lie was born. I can’t think of some­thing that’s eas­i­er to pick up and use dur­ing those ear­ly morn­ing feedings!)